Friday, October 30, 2009

News Updates: Japan ship collision; UK yachtsmen ransom demand; and other news.

Tuesday's collision between the Japanese destroyer JS Kurama and the South Korean container ship Carina Star left three injured and both vessels damaged. As this image from Mainichi Shinbum/Reuters shows, the fire on the warship took several hours to put out. The fire on the container ship was put out sooner after the collision. See the whole story at

Somali Pirates Demand $7M To Release British Hostages. Here's The Guardian's latest on this developing story. Note how much of a business this has become for the pirates: they are even placing the Chandlers with other hostages on another ship!

Navy Ship Accidentally Fires On Polish Port. "If it's grey, stay away." This item from

World's Largest Cruise Ship Sails For US Port. I just completed an upcoming post on the differences between cruise ships and true ocean liners, so this story from the New York Times caught my eye.

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